Ridah Ridah Entertainment (R2E)


Question: What is Ridah Ridah Entertainment (R2E) ?

Answer:  In 1996 Ridah Ridah Recordz N Publishing (R3NP) was a brain-child of Atiim Chenzira’s to promote his music, emceeing, and to publish his written works. In 2005 R3NP morphed into R2E, and became the base for his musical works and collaborations, technical works as a sound and lighting technician, commercial works, and an umbrella for all other entertainment skills and organizations he uses as not-for-profit, and for-profit entertainment and community organizing.

  1. Entertainment: http://www.RidahRidah.com/AV
  2. Community Organizing: A Thousand WordZ (http://www.AThousandWordZ.net/)
  3. Lighting & Design: Sub-contractor: Rigging, electrical, sound tech, & labor.

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