Who is JasWho?

Among many titles Jaswho? is a multi-instrumentalist and a dear friend, collaborator, producer and engineer.


Jay Williams is jAswhO? (pron. Jase hoo), a multifaceted musician, accomplished producer, innovative performer, degree-certified engineer and, above all, a humble human being. Despite his calm aura, Williams ripples with energy on stage. Anyone whos seen his live house music sets, or heard his many superb singles knows that Williams brings it.

“I dont care whom Im in front of young or old. When I play, I do it one-hundred percent”.

Jay Williams a veteran live musician whos toured the US, Japan and England with various bands, including as a keyboardist, guitar and bass player with improv experimental dance music ensemble Playground and Elektra records project Family Funk. His multi-instrument prowess has led to frequent collaborations with a range of producers and artists. His discography reads like a whos-who (or is that whos Who?) of dope underground labels.

A Hartford, CT native, Williams came up with his distinctive moniker in 1989 while on a trip to Barbados. He was a graffiti writer, and every wall he bombed he signed with a different first-name abbreviation, such as JasWhat?, JasHow?, JasWhy?, before settling on his current performance and recording title.

Inspired by UK garage imports in 1999 and 2000, as well as his friendships with Imperial Dub recordings Dubtribe and others in the vibrant SF house scene, Williams released his first single for Soulmine in 2001 titled Raw House Vol 1. 

By Ridah